Art meets Music


DJ Bio

As an artist, Loganic draws and paints strangely unique characters. The rhythm visible in his figurative sketches and the moods of his works-in-color subtly unveil his love of music.

As a DJ, his mixes and soundscapes are auditive explorations in storytelling. Along with his quests in sound selection,

Loganic invokes moods and emotional landscapes through the non-limited blending of genres, merging jazz fusion, soul and electronic blues with sniplets of spoken-word, nature sounds and soundbites.

He grew up amidst mounds of records, as his oldest sister was an urban radio personality & DJ throughout southern soul stations. Incidentally, jazz, funk, soul and rock album covers served as some of his first artistic influences. He began to draw during the early stages of Hip Hop, as well as dance to the newly exciting rhythms he discovered. As a teen, he learned to DJ and musical journeys have been an element of his artistic voice ever since.  

His work now merges visual and musical influences. His B-boy and house-dancing backgrounds show themselves in his lanky, angular figures. Hints of Afro-Futurism and his interest in abstracted musical genres, like Jazz-Fusion, also manifest themselves in his otherworldly creations.

Soundscapes / Mixes

Return To The Launchpad


A sonic journey for nomads, expatriates and any traveller who's ever dared to venture back home. Rooted in deep funk, motivated by hip hop and propelled towards house and beyond.

Left Home Back Home (Wayfaring Through Rhythm)


Traveling music... This is more a linking of feelings than just a mix unbeholden to genres. Musically, this is a soundscape to accompany the moods of a nomad's many moments. Visually, envision the ghostly wayfarer, wandering through multifarious locales... Rhythm will get him there; sounds will carry him through....

Love Life And The Fugitive


From the boondocks to the city, a wanderer continues on his trek, in & out of town. He repeatedly sniffs out a new route, paying attention to both welcome and danger signs alike. He'll enter the county seat without hesitation, but usually gets restless when any citizen invites him to stay. Why won't he settle anywhere? Maybe he doesn't trust bright lights & pretty sights or he's become addicted to moving on. His heart has been his silent companion, but lately has begun to make him realize that the more he runs, the further he will get from a truly loving home....

The Inner Chase


There's a war going on INSIDE no one's safe from....

Take the serious pursuit going on inside you, a car chase through your interstate, your own personal expressway, composed of intertwining veins, arteries, channels, underpasses, bridges & tunnels...

With time and thoughts racing, you speed past signs. Churning your wheels, bending curves, swerving from state to mindstate. Barely missing close calls & near collisions, you realize you're almost out of gas.

Check what's under the hood, remembering that music is a very reliable alternator. Moreover, air out your interior & keep your engine warm. Flag down help, if need be, for this ride is far from over. You'll travel as far as you can go, even after you catch up to yourself.....

Afrika Spacewayz


A musical message to my people:
Let the drum go Sci-Fi. Cowrie Shells meet Satellites. Dashikis into Space Suits.
Tribal Expansion... It's Black to the Future with the groove as fuel.....

Audiowise: Sonic Dialogues (**Runnin' From Fame**)


Here is the first in a new exploration of thematic soundscapes. This one, in particular, was first inspired by the words of Alan Moore on the topic of fame. So, I gathered a few other audio excerpts and soundbites to add to the mix and by playing with an instrumental, dissecting its rhythms, unearthing loops from its grooves and layering them in a dj jam session, I'm furthering the dialogue on fame's fleeting ways.. with a funky swing! Don't approach it as a completed product, however. This was just one of the many takes I did to touch on a topic of substantial interest. Hey, we're all "in process"!

Sketches in sound... Funkin' with a message....