Artist Resume / Bio



2018 - "Flowers While They're Here" OneSouth Macon CDC - Macon, GA
2017 “Riders’ Flow” - Macon Transit Authority Bus Terminal - Macon, GA
2017 “Cyclical Moments” (indoor) - Ohana Gardens - Highland Park, MI 
2016 “Through The Wilderness” - Marla Records - Berlin, Germany
2015 “Son Of Mami Wata” - Give1Arts – Dakar, Senegal 
2015 “Cosmic Mythologies” (indoor) - Ohana Gardens - Highland Park, MI 
2013 “Suppressive Exaggeration” (indoor) - Open Walls Gallery - Berlin, Germany

2017  Something To Nothing, Nothing To Something - Gallery At Macon Arts Alliance
2016 Manifestations Of Metamorphic Vibrations – Zellermayer Galerie – Berlin, Germany
2014 Rochester Rebellion’s 50th Anniversary – J Rêve International – Rochester, NY
2013 Menagerie Season – Wild Wood Gallery & Store – Kassel, Germany
2011 Boom Bar – PDF (People Do Fun) Event/Exhibition – Szczecin, Poland
2011 Cute Klub PDF – (People Do Fun) Event/Exhibition – Poznan, Poland
2010 Figures Secure – Arthotel Connection – Berlin, Germany
2008 Loganic Showcase Ibo’s – Music Lounge Berlin, Germany
2007 Brooklyn To Berlin Bash – Smooch Café – Brooklyn, NY
2007 MixShow Series Showcase – Club Sputnik – Brooklyn, NY
2006 Loganic Playhouse Artist Showcase – Open House – Brooklyn, NY
2006 Where The Spirits Reside – Fillmore Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
2004 Night of the Gifted Magi – Open Studio – Brooklyn, NY
2003 4W Circle of Art & Enterprise Gallery Space – Brooklyn, NY
1998 Countenances of the Somber Divine – Satta Gallery; Brooklyn, NY
1997 The Apartment – a film by Cinque Northern – New York University, NY
1995 Macon Historic District Exhibition Macon Hay House; Macon, GA
1994 African American History in Middle Georgia Channel 13; Macon, GA
1993 Emotionalism – Mercer University; Macon, GA

2019 The Rhythm Of...Life (Pop-Up) - House Of Oyo, Brooklyn, NY

2018 Freqs Of Nature Festival Exhibition - Niedergörsdorf, Germany
2017 Shades Of Black and Contrast – Zellermayer Galerie – Berlin, Germany
2015 Artist-In-Residence – J Rêve International – Give1Arts Exhibition – Dakar, Senegal
2013 Kunst am Spreeknie – Schöneweide Art Festival 2013 – Berlin, Germany
2013 Suppressive Exaggeration Open Walls Gallery/Stattbad Wedding – Berlin
2012 ReKOLLEKT: Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien – Berlin
2012 Sing Sweet Songs Of Conviction (DJ Soundscape) – Schau Fenster Gallery – Berlin
2012 Face Frames – Sameheads Gallery – Berlin
2011 BROKE – the state of urban art as contemporary now – Schau Fenster Gallery – Berlin
2010 Solaris Project: Memory – Berlin, Germany
2010 Project: “Showtime” (European Traveling Exhibition)
2009 White Cube Loft – No More Less Exhibition – Berlin, Germany
2009 Stroke.01 Urban Arts Festival – Munich, Germany
2009 Emotional Translation – BG KaySalon – Berlin, Germany
2008 My Roots, My Dreams, My Life – Intoxicated Demons Gallery – Berlin, Germany
2005 Frequency Show (Musical Interpretation 7 Soundscapists) – Studio Museum In Harlem
2004 Retrospective (Two Artist Show) – James Sewell Studios – Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
2004 36 Studio Inaugural Exhibition – 3636 Studio – Long Island City, NY
2003 Ibo Landing Gallery Space – Brooklyn, NY
2003 17th Annual Cultural Event – Stepstone Gallery; Brooklyn, NY
2002 Ile Achad Omo Arts Festival – Lafayette Park; Brooklyn, NY
2002 Gary Simmons (Musical Interpretation – 3 Soundscapists) – Studio Museum In Harlem
2002 16th Annual Cultural Event – Stepstone Gallery; Brooklyn, NY
2001 Kaleidoscope (a one-night exhibition in a BedStuy brownstone) – Brooklyn, NY
2000 National Black Fine Arts Festival – Savacou Gallery; New York, NY
1999 13th Annual Cultural Event – Stepstone Gallery: Brooklyn, NY
1999 National Black Fine Arts Festival – Savacou Gallery; New York, NY
1997 Washington Square Gallery; New York University – New York, NY

1995-97 New York University, School Of Education, New York, NY
Master of Arts – Fine Arts/Painting
1989-93 Mercer University, College Of Liberal Arts, Macon, GA
Bachelor of Arts – Art (General)



Loganic functions as an artistic nomad, who journeys into his curious explorations. He uncovers new worlds to travel, encountering unique characters and environments along the way. He considers the artistic process itself a journey, a "faith walk" from the first stroke or tune to the last minor detail.

As a visual artist, he discovers forms, primarily through serendipitous mark-making and spontaneous creation. From a tapestry of strokes, chaotic lines and splatters, he begins his visual discovery, an excavation which allows him to play in his work, in order to unearth strange and uncanny characters. His method is a process inspired by blind contour exercises, the quick interpretations of gesture he fully embraced in his NYU years. He finds his way, working from chaos to loose order, in accordance to his own personal aesthetic language.

As a DJ, his mixes or soundscapes are auditive explorations in storytelling. Along with his quests in sound selection, Loganic invokes moods and emotional landscapes through the blending of genres and sound sources - such as merging jazz fusion, electronic blues with sniplets of spoken-word, nature sounds and other soundbites. All musically lain as expressions in Loganic's thematic episodes of sound. ( )